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FOODBORNE RISKS are real. Consumers are negatively affected on a daily basis by hazards associated with their consumption of food. These hazards can be related to disease, contamination, spoiling, or allergic reactions, amongst others. In theory, these risks are 100% preventable. Food safety auditing is aimed at reducing the risk to an absolute minimum, through a process of impartial assessment and inspection by an independent, qualified party. The goal is to reduce the risks for both the consumer and the manufacturer and to ensure the longevity of the enterprise.



FOOD MANUFACTURING is a complex industry. The success of a food manufacturing business requires knowledge and skills beyond commercial and entrepreneurial aptitude. Various disciplines such as technology, safety, legislation, marketing and commerce all play a role in the running of a successful food manufacturing enterprise. An important resource available to the food manufacturer is the service of a consulting food technologist. The consulting food technologist saves the food manufacturer both time and money by providing expert, professional advice.


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THE FOUNDATION of a well-managed food manufacturing business is the implementation of good systems. All the policies and procedures of the food manufacturing business should be described in detail in production and food safety manuals that are updated as required. In addition, it is important to implement excellent record keeping systems to comply with internal policies and procedures and relevant legislative, regulatory and due diligence requirements. Record keeping systems benefit from an IT component to ensure data integrity and to streamline reporting.


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F.A.S.T. CONSULTING provides consulting services to the food manufacturing industry. Based in Durban, South Africa, the business was founded by qualified food technologist and registered lead food safety auditor, Mandy Jansen van Rensburg. In addition to being a well known consultant to both large and small manufacturers and a trainer on food safety standards, Mandy was the founding owner and manager of a successful food manufacturing business that is still in successful production. Mandy has experienced the industry from both sides and her technical knowledge and professional expertise continue to be of benefit to food manufacturers throughout South Africa.


F.A.S.T. CONSULTING provides a broad range of services, from food safety auditing and training, to the design and implementation of systems, product development, guidance on regulatory compliance, including packaging and labelling, and the provision of computerised solutions.



Technical Solutions for Food Manufacturing Professionals.


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